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Statistics Application to Marketing Science
At BS stats Group

Statistics is the foundation of everything we do.  We have experience in descriptive statistics, regression analysis (linear, non-linear, logistic), multivariate analysis, partial least squares, meta-analysis, Neural networks, genetic regression, Bayesian analysis, experimental design, Artificial Intelligence, digital analytics, Sale force optimization, to mention some. 

Many of our experts have advanced degrees in statistics and many years of experience in marketing science.  They also have experience in teaching college math and statistics.  They work hard to keep up to date with state of the art techniques and their application to marketing.  In a world of today, with such massive amounts of data (“big data”), we are always looking for efficient ways of extracting relevant information from such data.  At BSSTATS we believe that with the explosion of web data and web analytics, it is essential that we keep sharpening our data mining and marketing science tools.

THEY ALSO HELPS IN Statistics Help-Modelling-Marketing United States | Europe | London.

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